CMPS 002 - Computer Literacy

Prof. Paulo Franca

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Hardware Basics


Bill gates rides the digital wave

  • Microsoft started selling software for microcomputers.
  • Operating System bought from other company
  • Basic Compiler developed in house.
  • IBM wanted to get the IBM PC's quickly to the market. No time to develop software
  • Microsoft worked to sell MS/DOS to IBM for only $80,000 (Non-exclusive) license.
  • Microsoft predicted that after IBM got to the market every other manufacturer would do the same and they all needed software.
  • There were other software companies, but Microsoft succeeded in eliminating or buying them.
  • Microsoft initially neglected the importance of the Internet, but recovered by making it the central piece in their systems
  • Unfair business practices?

Input: From Person to Processor

(or ... from computer to computer)

  • Keyboard
  • Pointing devices
  • Reading Tools
  • Optical mark readers (scantron)
  • Magnetic Ink Character readers (bank checks)
  • Bar Code (supermarket)
  • Radio Frequency ID readers
  • Scanning and OCR
  • Handwriting recognition

Digitizing Devices

  • Image:
    • Scanners
    • Digital Cameras
    • Video digitizers
  • Audio
    • Audio digitizers

Output: from Pulses to people

  • Screen output
  • Paper output
  • Fax
  • Sound output
  • Controlling other machines

Storage Devices: Input meets Output

  • Magnetic Tape
  • Magnetic Disks
  • Optical Disks
  • Solid State Storage
  • Flash memory
  • USB drives