CMPS 002 - Computer Literacy

Prof. Paulo Franca

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Nerds 3

  • What was invented at CERN?
  • URL was created by ... ?
  • http  means ...
  • Ted Nelson proposed the "Xanadu" network to make texts available for a fee. What does Ted Nelson think of the WWW?
  • Ted Nelson is credited as being the inventor of ...
  • Initially, use of Internet was restricted to Education and Research because ...


  • What was the first Browser?
  • Where was it created?
  • What was the first commercially available Browser?
  • What was the significant contribution to the computing world by the Browsers?
  • Mosaic did the same for the Net as the ... did for the Personal Computers.
  • Why did Jim Clark think that he could make good money with a Browser?
  • Notice that just a browser would be useless if there were no web pages on the internet...
  • What did Microsoft do after Netscape started selling browsers?

AOL ... online service available before there was www

  • What did Microsoft do in response to the success of AOL and other providers?

Search Engines

So many ideas, which are good ones?

  • If you have a great idea, how can you guarantee no one will do the same?
  • WebVan?
  • GetQuick?
  • How did Internet influence the professional development in India?
  • "Passing of Remoteness", "Telepresence"

Can you speak Belgian?

Why did Java become so popular?

  • Why was it important for the internet?
  • What is the frustration of James Gosling, the inventor of Java?
  • Did Microsoft jump right in at the beginning of the WWW?
  • Who alerted Bill Gates for the changes brought by the Internet?
  • What was the actual action of Microsoft in response to Netscape?
  • Why was there an anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft?