CMPS 002 - Computer Literacy

Prof. Paulo Franca

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The Thinking Machine

What is the branch of Computer Sciences that tries to have the computer make "human-like" decisions?

Mind and Brain

Deciding ... it is a cup 10 minutes, but that was then when computers and software were much slower.

Why did people pour so much money in AI?

The Turing Test


Language can be difficult ...

    Parking ... A and B permits required

AI was successful in specific universes. This is also know as Expert Systems.

The wrecked car with measles

People most likely understands what you DON'T say

Sometimes the issue is geographically dependent or culturally dependent

Some knowledge your are born with, some you learn

How did Doug Lenat think the CYC project would help computers to understand language?

What happened to Lincoln after he died?

Do humans have electrical parts?

Symbolic AI vs Neural Networks (connectionists)

Neural network have minimum programming, most knowledge is acquired through experimentation.

Neural network machines can learn what you don't think they are learning

    How about people?

Expert systems successes:

  • Intelligent Cameras
  • Investment advising
  • Travel itineraries
  • Spectroscopy

Other (Hybrid) successes

Self driving automobile