CMPS 002 - Computer Literacy

Prof. Paulo Franca

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    • After you check your grade, find out how well you did.


    • Paulo Franca

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      • Office: E2 -259 
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      • Phone: 9-3691  (I am not reliable with voice mail)
      • Office hours: Wednesdays  4 to 4:45 PM
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    • You must know the name and email of your lab supervisor. Check the lab schedule to find out.
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Exam and Grade Information

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At the midterm and final exams, you will be required to have a blank "ParSCORE f-1712" form for turning in answers to multiple-choice exam questions, and a number 2 lead pencil. The forms are sold at the BayTree Bookstore, and cost about 20 cents each.

The exams will cover all material covered so far in the course, including:

  • Textbook reading assignments.
  • Films shown in class.
  • Lectures.
  • Labs.

Catalog description

Computer Science 2. Computer Literacy. F,W,S

Introduction to how computers work and how to use them. Topics covered include network information systems, text editors, formatting, file and directory system, spreadsheets and databases. Computers as symbol manipulation devices. Introduction to programming concepts and computer languages. Impact of computers on society. Designed for students with little or no experience using computers. Preference is given to students who have not taken other computer engineering or computer science courses. (General Education Code: IN.)


Disability. Students with disabilities or other special needs should contact me to make whatever alternative arrangements are necessary. Any arrangements must be made more than 2 weeks in advance.

Cheating. The class policy on cheating is that it is not tolerated. Students caught cheating will be subject to university policies, and the result may be flunking the class as well as a letter being sent to university authorities for further action. UCSC policy

Integrity of student work. Each student is expected to complete his or her own original work for this course and to turn it in by the due date. Students may talk to one another about general approaches to various exercises, and receive general assistance from the instructor, TA, tutors, and lab assistants. However, the details of the assignment are to be completed independently, thereby reflecting the individual accomplishments of the student.

Attendance. Lab attendance is mandatory. Even if the lab assignment is easy or if you do it outside of lab, you are still expected to attend lab and use your time there productively.

Subject to change. All students are responsible for monitoring the class web page for class policies, assignments, changes, records, etc.

Exceptions. Teaching assistants and tutors do not have the authority to modify class policies or to grant exceptions.



If you have trouble checking into a lab, it may be that you are not on the class list, or you are enrolled in a different section.

Students who register about two weeks before classes start may not yet be in our class list (Yes, I know you registered, but the information from the registrar's office is not sent to us everyday...). Your lab supervisor should be able to see if your name is in our list.

If you are enrolled and  your name is not in our list, your lab supervisor can add you to our list. Please understand that registering for the class can only be done by through the registrar's office.


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