CyberSlug Rules!

Beginner Programming CMPS060

Prof. Paulo Franca






Staff only

Final Project:

What is?

The final project is a program that you design yourself. It does not have to be more difficult that the average program that you wrote in your labs, but you must show that you understand how to use computers to solve some practical problem. You can write the final project with one partner.

Suggestions: You can use the computer to solve a problem that you found in another class; you can write something entertaining such as a game, etc.

When is is due?

During your lab section instead of Lab 9

What is is worth?

The project is worth 10% of your grade. However, notice that the project does not determine if you pass or don't pass the class. If you pass the class, the project may help you get a better grade. If you are taking the class pass/not pass, you may not need to write the project.

How is it graded?

You must submit a program with a description (as comments) inside the program.

The program must work and must do what you say it does. If it does not, you DON'T have a grade for it.

Programs that work are worth 70%

30% will be given according to how interesting or orignal your program is. This is entirely subjective by the TA.