CyberSlug Rules!

Beginner Programming CMPS060

Prof. Paulo Franca






Staff only

Rules for programming assignments:

1 - You may work with one partner. We actually prefer that you work with a partner than alone.

2 - Both partners are supposed to be in the lab and work together. You may both work in the same computer or different computers.

3 - Each partner must sign in and take quizzes by him/her self.

4 - If one partner is not in the lab, he / she cannot get credit for the assignment

5 - Some assignments you just have to show the programs working, some others you will have to give a copy of your program to the grader.


Grading assignments:

You are required to use comments. The minimum comments are:

  • - purpose of your program, date and name of programmers.
  • - each function needs comments to explain what it does
  • - each loop needs comments explaining what it does.

Your program must be easy to use:

  • Messages to user must be easy to understand,
  • when requesting users to type in data, explain what you need.

Your program must be easy to understand:

  • Besides comments, use names for your objects and variables that help you remember their purpose;
  • Use capital letter to separate words: studentName or StudentName, etc.