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Beginner Programming CMPS060

Prof. Paulo Franca






Staff only

Winter 2008


Please read: Rules for programming assignments


See how well you did compared to class on midterm 1


Practice for your final

Multiple choice     questions  problems

Practice for your midterm: #2

Sample Midterm 2 for study

Problems using arrays


Tutoring available for the class:

UCSC has a tutoring program available to all students in some classes. Our class (CMPS060G) is one of them

This link has been corrected!

 Final Project  



Using strings with iostream programs:

If you want to use strings with iostream programs include the following in your program:

#include <iostream.h>
#include <cstring.h>
#include "francast.h"



         To use strings in your programs include francast.h and franca04.h in this order

Using wireless service on campus (CruzNet)

If you use CruzNet wireless service on campus, you may have trouble to use the "LOGIN" section. This means you may NOT be able to take quizzes or see the lab material if you are using the wireless service. This happens because CruzNet blocks some methods of Internet access. 

I am working to see if this problem can be solved. In the meantime, use a regular Internet connection when you need to take your quizzes.

Important reminder:

Lab assignments are due at the end of each lab session. Under special circumstances, the supervisor can let you demonstrate a final version of a program at the beginning of the next lab session. This is only in case a substantial work was done during the session where the assignment was due.

Any assignment demonstrated after the due session is NOT ELIGIBLE for credit.

Download files you need:


  • Strings: 

    • You need to download franca04.h

    • Include both: francast.h and franca04.h in this order

    • see instructions here: dealing with strings this is NOT in your book!


Instructor: Paulo Franca -
  • office:E2 - 259 (Engineering new Building)
  • phone: 9-3691 (I am not reliable with voice mail)
  • office hours:  
    • Tu 1:00 - 1:45 PM or by appointment
Ta: Nishant  email:
  • Labs - Progr. assignments: 20%
    • lab grades will consist of:
      • attendance 10%
      • preparation quiz: 20%
      • programming work: 50%
      • lab work quiz: 20%
  • Homework Quizzes: 10%
  • Final Project: 10%
  • Exams: 60%   (1 may be optional)
    • midterm 1
    • midterm 2
    • final
    • The written exam average is computed by taking the average of the three exams (mid 1, mid 2 and final). However, if you have 80% or more attendance to the class (classroom, not labs!) you may request that the average be computed by considering the two best exam grades (this way you can even skip the final).
  • Passing the class:
    • You need at least 50% in the exams and at least 50% in the labs in order to pass the class.
    • Your overall score must be over 50% to pass.
    • You need at least 70% attendance to labs to pass
  • Letter grades are assigned competitively (sorry, it is the law)


C++ No Experience Required - Paulo Franca - Sybex

Note: This book is OUT OF PRINT - You can freely download the actual text from

For your convenience, you can also order a copy at the Copy Center.


  • You can get the Turbo C++ suite from Borland:
  • This is NOT required, but will be very helpful. It costs $49.99
  • Try this link: Turbo C++ Suite
  • Please Note the Installation instructions
  • This is the same compiler that you have in the labs.
  • You need a windows computer, this does not work with Mac's.

You may also consider Microsoft Visual C++6 or 5.

Do not get any other compiler! They will NOT work for this class.

Class meetings:

  • Lab sections
    • Lab sections are mandatory. Choose one section and stick with it

Lab Schedule

Winter 2008


Sec Days Time Location Max Staff
A M 1pm-3pm Ming Ong    
B Tu 5:30-7:30 pm Ming Ong    
C W 6pm-8pm Ming Ong    
D F 12-2pm Ming Ong    

Important notes:

  • To start the compiler in the lab
  • To use the compiler remotely, follow these instructions
    • You need to install "Remote Desktop"
    • check start->all programs -> accessories -> communications -> remote desktop
    • if you don't have "Remote Desktop" you can download it
    • start the remote desktop and connect to
    • log in with your ucsc username and password (your email password)
    • when using remote desktop, you need to modify the project "franca45.ide" see instructions here

If you need to use other compilers, download software from